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Extreme #3 Play Set
Reg. $6,699.00

Only $199.00 for Play Set Installation
Swing Set Description:
The Extreme Swing Set is the perfect jungle gym for kids of all ages! New to the Eastern Jungle Gym line-up, this angled base swing set features our unique "A-Frame" design and 4x6 Angle Supports allowing the tire swing to be installed under the clubhouse. Is a great addition to your backyard that will entertain the children as they grow. With a 6' playdeck, 12' wave slide and Double Ladder, this swing set is ideal for medium size backyards. Your kids will love spinning 360 degrees on the tire and swinging from the huge 9' swing beam. The Extreme Swing Set #3 features a Gang Plank and Monkey Bars. Swing Set comes complete with everything pictured.

Swing Set Features:

Foot Print

Playdeck Height: 64″

Overall Height 141"

Swing Beam Height: 9'

Clubhouse Size: 4.5'x 5.5'

Tent Color: Solid Green or Green & Yellow

12' Wave Slide Color: Green or Yellow

Featured Add-Ons: Gang Plank & Monkey Bars