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Dream #4 Play Set
Reg. $5,299.00  

Only $199.00 Play Set Installation
Swing Set Description:

The Dream 4 Jungle Gym is simply a dream come true, and one of our most popular models! It has a straight base and a single clubhouse, along with a spacious bottom playhouse that features windows and a doorway. Perfect for children of all ages, this swing set fits in most backyards. In addition to the bottom playhouse, the Dream 4 offers a wooden step ladder, an accessory arm for the gym ring/trapeze bar combo and a third sling swing. This swing set comes complete with everything pictured.

Swing Set Features:

Foot Print 16' x 25'

Playdeck Height: 58″

Overall Height 141"

Swing Beam Height: 8' 6"

Clubhouse Size: 55″x 58″
Wood Roof

10' Wave Slide Color: Green or Yellow

Featured Add-Ons: Wood Roof, Wooden Step Ladder & Monkey Bars